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Monday, December 5, 2016

12 Things We Learned At The Game Awards 2016


Kojima Productions
Mounted as "the Oscars of gaming" whether you agree with that label or not, The Game Awards is games journalist Geoff Keighley's now-annual effort to give back to an industry that has given us so much joy over the years.
The show may be a fairly middling mix of awkward chit-chat and overt advertising, but it also results in at least a few exciting video game reveals, as was certainly the case this year.
Now, not everything that was shown off was without controversy, and not everything looks fantastic, but we sure as hell got a much clearer picture about several of the biggest games due for release in not just 2017, but beyond also.
Aside from finding out how many commercials can be crammed into a two-hour broadcast, here are 12 things we learned at The Game Awards 2016...

12. Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Has A Disappointing Frame Rate On Wii U

Nintendo Treehouse's Bill Trinen and Nate Bihldorff were on hand to show off some new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay, and as enjoyable as the footage was (even if it didn't reveal too much in the way of new info), fans just couldn't stop talking about the worryingly low frame rate.
The footage, captured on a Wii U rather than a Nintendo Switch, frequently sinks down to the low-20s, making running and combat appear disappointingly choppy.
While it's extremely likely that the game will run at 1080p 30fps on the Switch, Wii U owners might struggle a little more with the performance. What a shame.

11. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Will Have A Two-Part Premiere

Telltale unveiled an extended first look at the upcoming third season of their hugely successful Walking Dead series, which introduces new protagonist Javier, who suffers a personal tragedy and ends up meeting up with franchise icon Clementine.
The real surprise, though, was the announcement that because the series' first episode ended up being much larger than expected, it was expanded into two episodes, both of which will be released on December 20th.
It's awesome news for those who get routinely frustrated with Telltale's sometimes-erratic release cycles, or simply don't want to wait another 4-8 weeks to play the next part. Christmas has indeed come early.

10. Prey Lets You Become A Coffee Mug (Seriously)

Arkane Studios
One of the most buzzed-about titles coming away from TGA 2016 was Prey, the franchise reboot which clearly has something to prove going by the impressive trailer and gameplay footage that was subsequently posted online.
The trailer further introduced audiences to protagonist Morgan Wu, who finds himself facing off against supernatural monsters on a space station, but he thankfully has quite the set of skills and tools to defend himself.
The player can use a glue cannon to help reach otherwise inaccessible areas, fling a black hole grenade at enemies to swallow them out of existence, and most amazingly, mimic certain objects in the vicinity, such as in this case a coffee mug, in order to reach an area Morgan otherwise has no access to.
If these abilities can be combined in imaginative ways, Prey could be something really special. It certainly looks like an impressive mating of Bioshock and Dishonoured, anyway.

9. Bulletstorm Gets A Nuke Nukem Mode...Because Reasons

People Can Fly
If you never played the riotously entertaining Bulletstorm when it initially released in 2011, you've got no better incentive than the upcoming April release of the Full Clip Edition, a full 60fps remastering that will come complete with the option to play the entire game as Duke Nukem.
This isn't some fast-and-loose cash-grab, either: Duke voice actor John St. John has been in brought in to re-voice the entire game with new Duke-isms, and so it seems like this honestly might be the perfect reason for fans of the game to give it an overdue revisit.
Given how Duke's own franchise seems dead in the water, throwing him into other compatible IPs just may be the way to go, at least for the time being.

8. Death Stranding Features Mads Mikkelsen & Guillermo Del Toro

Kojima Productions
After Hideo Kojima received his well-deserved Icon Award, he had a surprise for everyone: another cinematic, enigmatic trailer for his upcoming action game Death Stranding.
Interestingly enough, the game's apparent protagonist, played by Norman Reedus, was nowhere to be seen, but rather a man (played by Guillermo del Toro) appearing to flee from an army featuring both shadowy soldiers and tanks that appear to be bio-mechanical, complete with unsettling worm attachments.
Then Del Toro hooks a baby-in-a-bottle up to some oil, and then a porcelain-looking baby floats down a stream of oil and meets up with members of the enemy army, headed up by none other than the brilliant Mads Mikkelsen, who has long been rumoured to be part of the production.
It's an absolutely bats*** crazy trailer, and what it lacks in clarity, it more than compensates with sheer nutty imagination.

7. Street Fighter V Is The Year's Best Fighting Game...Apparently

Perhaps somewhat anticipating the s***storm the result would produce, TGA 2016 quickly glossed over the fact that Street Fighter V won the Best Fighting Game award, announcing it in one quick sentence without any fanfare and quickly moving on.
According to gaming journalists, the main reason it ended up nominated is simply because there were so few major fighting games released in 2016, with its fellow nominees being Killer Instinct Season Three, Pokken Tournament and The King of Fighters XIV.
Despite these three games all having equivalent-or-higher Metacritic scores than SFV, the highly controversial Capcom brawler came away with the prize, even though it launched with little content, and major online issues and technical bugs.
Is this really the sort of practice that should be rewarded? Or did Capcom basically end up buying their win? You decide.

6. Rocket League Is Getting A New Starbase Map

Psyonix revealed that they've got yet another free dose of DLC content for players, with the release of the Starbase ARC map, a sci-fi-themed arena which will reportedly set off a laser show every time a team scores.
The map will also come complete with new original music from Hollywood Principle featuring Dr. Awkward, and a new paid DLC vehicle called the Vulcan.
Almost 18 months after its original release, Rocket League continues to be a show-stopping phenomenon, and major props to Psyonix for supporting the community with so much free content rather than deciding to get greedy.
It may not be the most unique-looking map design-wise, but it's free, so we'll take it!

5. Geoff Keighley Is A Class Act (And Not Just The Dorito Pope)

The Game Awards
It's easy to want to mock Geoff Keighley given the infamous "Dorito Pope" scandal or the fact that he's heading up a game awards show that feels as much like an advertising opportunity for the industry as it does a legit awards presentation, but the guy is nothing if not genuine in his quest to try and champion the best and brightest minds in gaming.
This was evident no more than in his heartfelt speech as he introduced Icon Award winner Hideo Kojima, quite clearly choked up at having reached this point, both in terms of the show's success and finally getting Kojima his spot up on stage after Konami absurdly stopped him attending last year.
Yes, the show at present is a massive compromise between being a "serious" awards show like the Oscars and trotting out constant promotion for the very games that are being nominated, but Keighley's heart is definitely in the right place.

4. Dauntless Is A New Co-Op Action Game

Phoenix Labs
Phoenix Labs showed off a cinematic trailer for their first game, Dauntless, which features a fantasy setting where four warriors team up to take on a gigantic owl-like creature.
No actual gameplay was shown off, but it was revealed that the title is a free-to-play four-player co-op action game taking place on a series of floating islands in a post-apocalyptic land.
Gameplay will reportedly focus on weapon crafting and combat, though no word on when the game might land.
It's hard to have much of an opinion on the game so far beyond "it's definitely a thing", though there's the worry that Dauntless could be too familiar to really carve a name out for itself. We'll see.

3. Mass Effect: Andromeda Looks Absolutely Huge

The show closed with gameplay footage from Mass Effect: Andromeda, which explained that your goal throughout the game is to travel the galaxy in search of a new home for humanity.
The player is able to explore a large number of hub worlds with diverse alien life and geography, and if BioWare can pull this off without it feeling like another No Man's Sky, then they could be onto something really special.
Visually, the game looks fantastic, and the gameplay looks set to inject new life into the series while still retaining the distinctive Mass Effect style that fans love so much. Get hype.

2. Everyone Really, Really Loves Overwatch

Overwatch has been one hell of a gaming phenomenon this year, scoring universal critical acclaim and an insane 20 million players by October.
It wasn't massively surprising as such to see the game receive a slew of nominations at TGA 2016, though it was a little more shocking that it actually won quite a few, especially up against enormously stiff competition.
Overwatch ended up winning Game of the Year, Best Multiplayer, Best eSports Game of the Year, while many felt it winning GOTY was more indicative of its popularity rather than its overall quality (compared to, say, Uncharted 4 or Inside).
And of course, a lot of Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends fans were pretty p***ed that Overwatch stole their glory away.
Whether you think Blizzard's hero shooter deserved these wins or not, there's no denying the game is an absolute mammoth in every way a game can be, even more so than most already thought.

1. Telltale Aren't Ready To Show Their Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Yet

It was recently rumoured and then confirmed that Telltale Games were hard at work on a five-part Guardians of the Galaxy episodic adventure series, and the game's first teaser trailer appeared at TGA.
The teaser simply shows Star-Lord's iconic cassette player hurtling through space, while King Harvest's unforgettable tune "Dancing in the Moonlight" plays out, and we pan upward where the game's logo is revealed.
Oddly there wasn't a single shred of gameplay shown off, but this may have been a calculated move in order to not completely distract from the Christmas time release of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.
Whatever the real reasoning, cross your fingers for a new engine this time. Please?
What did you think of TGA 2016? Shout it out in the comments!

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Video Game Trailer Is Dancin’ in the Moonlight


If you’ve never played a Telltale Games video game before, you should give it a shot. While they’re technically video games, they’re not really much for gameplay. They’re more like interactive stories where you can choose your character’s responses to dictate the outcome of the narrative within certain parameters. So, for instance, if Bob says you need to lighten up, you’re usually given three responses or you can just respond with silence. The game will then tell you, “Bob will remember that.” Sometimes this storytelling works out great like in the first The Walking Dead game and other times it feels like a pale imitation of the property its selling like Game of Thrones.
Hopefully, Telltale will find luck with their latest property, Guardians of the Galaxy. This isn’t the first time Telltale has taken a comic book and turned it into a game. They previously adapted Fables into The Wolf Among Us and they’re currently on the fourth of five chapters in their Batman game.
Last night at The Game Awards, Telltale revealed the first trailer for their Guardians of the Galaxy game, and while it doesn’t tell us anything about what they’re planning with the narrative, it looks like they’re going to be pulling from the tone of James Gunn’s movies. We also don’t know who will be the protagonist of the story. Will it be Star-Lord, or will they jump between multiple Guardians? It seems like a missed opportunity to not be able to play as Groot at one point and have all your options be, “I am Groot.”  It will also be interesting to see if Telltale can nab the screen actors to voice their characters or if they’ll have to get other voice actors for the roles.
Check out the trailer below, and look for the game to arrive sometime in 2017.

Image via Marvel

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Friday, December 2, 2016

One of these video games might be your next free time obsession

The holiday season is coming up, and with that, a lot of people will have some free time for video games. Anecdotally, though, many people are buying fewer games these days, instead choosing to play one game for hours and hours on end. Why buy five games in a single month when Minecraft is all you need, right?
So for those people, here is a selection of recent games that are not only good on their own merits, but they'll last you a long time if you choose to stick with them for awhile.


If you played the sprawling fantasy epic The Witcher 3, you're probably familiar with Gwent, that world's addictive collectible card game. Now, Gwent stands on its own, with a revamped and retooled version of the game that captured the hearts of RPG players last year.
Currently only available in beta form, Gwent is great in part because it's not just another card game that tries to imitate Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone. It's played with an emphasis on lanes (representing close, medium and long ranges on a battlefield), and its three round structure leads to some very interesting strategy with regard to whether or not you should play more cards or concede a round with the hopes of winning it all next time.
The good news? Gwent is free to play. The bad news? Right now it's in closed beta, so you'll have to sign up for a chance to play it right now. I expect those gates to open up sooner rather than later, though, and new players are being added regularly.

Dragon Quest Builders

Minecraft is great, but it doesn't have a lot of purpose. Which is fine if you're just into the idea of a virtual Lego set, but many people want their video games to have a goal.
Enter Dragon Quest Builders, an RPG that borrows much of Minecraft's magic and wraps it in the storied Dragon Quest world. You still craft tools, dig through caves and build buildings, but Builders frames all of those things inside of a lighthearted (and often surprisingly funny) story about saving the world. You always have a new milestone to work toward, and before you know it you'll have been playing for hours.

Civilization VI

If there's one game series that can be relied on to keep its players up all night strategizing, it's Civilization. Whether you're founding new cities, researching mathematics, trying to build the Great Pyramids or amassing a giant army with which to conquer the world, Civilization has a way of grabbing hold of you and not letting go until you just ... finish ... one ... more ... turn.
Civilization VI might feel like more of the same when you begin, which is fine for casual or brand new players. Dive deeper, though, and you'll see a much-expanded cities mechanic (cities now have districts and require more planning), a new "civics" tree where you can research social elements separate from technology, the ability to win a game with religion and more.
But darn those overly-aggressive Barbarians. They, more so than the weirdly nuke-happy Ghandi, can make the early days in your civilization very dangerous.

Battlefield 1

It's difficult to make a video game about World War I (for many reasons, which would deserve an article on their own), but EA succeeds with their latest Battlefield game by setting it in an alternate history.
The single-player campaign is surprisingly engaging, telling interesting vignettes about different soldiers across the world fighting in this horrific conflict. But it's the multiplayer that will likely keep your attention longest, blending the tried-and-true Battlefield formula with interesting weaponry (which despite being inspired by very old guns feel fresh compared to the modern weapons games are currently overusing), solid maps and tons of high-octane moments that make for perfect GIFs.

Picross 3D: Round 2

If you're the kind of person that enjoys Sudoku, you would love Picross.
It's a similar kind of logic puzzle, where you look at numbers and try to use them to fill in a grid. But Picross is all about creating images by deciding which squares to fill in and which to ignore.
Picross 3D 2, exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, takes the concept even further. Not only are you dealing in 3D sculptures rather than on a 2D plane (as in normal Picross), you also have to pay attention to colors -- marking blocks as blue or orange as needed.
It's very easy to learn and easy to pick up for five minutes at a time -- unless you get addicted and play for several hours longer than intended.

Friday, November 18, 2016

10 Most Underrated Moments From The Batman: Arkham Video Games

Forget Mr. Freeze and Mark Hamill's Joker, there's much more to see.

batman arkham originsWarner Bros.
The Arkham series is one of the best representations of a superhero in a video game ever. Not only has it created one of the most used combat systems in modern video games, it captured the pure brilliance and downright awesomeness of being Batman. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader.
And whenever the subject of the series comes up, everyone sings the praises of the usual subjects. The Mr. Freeze battle is heralded as one of the best in gaming. Mark Hamill’s performance as the Joker sells many of the best one-on-one moments, and the ending of Arkham City is downright mind-blowing. And while all these are undoubtedly brilliant, spare a thought for the less spoken for moments.
There are a whole host of moments that are brilliant in their own regard, and are often underrated. Maybe they are secluded away in side content, buried in the mediocre Arkham: Origins or just overlooked by the average player, regardless, I intend to run down 10 of the best scenes in the Arkham Series that need more recognition.

10. Tag Team Fighting - Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight Nightwing
There is nothing more exhilarating and satisfying than the combat mechanics of the Arkham games. The fluent and powerful combination of attacks and the satisfying feeling of cleaning up the street, breaking bone after bone in the name of justice. But you know what’s better than that? Doing it with another superhero friend.
Being able to combine your attacks alongside Nightwing or Catwoman was downright awesome, and it seemed to fall beneath many peoples' radars. The first time you and Nightwing join forces to take down the Penguin and his goons was one of the most awesome moments in the game, and gave me the drive to seek out his other Most Wanted missions, just to have that awesome fight scene again.
Something about the fluidity of switching between heroes and move-sets, pounding thug after thug before joining forces to really ruin a specific goon’s day meant you could jump right into the fray again and again. Leaping across the room as Batman before throwing a criminal up for Nightwing to pulverise mid-air is just... amazing.

9. Catwoman's Choice - Arkham City

A surprise inclusion into the brilliant Arkham City were the sequences where you played as Catwoman. They were new, different and offered up a different playstyle to the Caped Crusader, breaking up the standard criminal-bashing with an ever so subtle shift in the formula.
While playing as Catwoman is worthy of a position on the list itself, there's a specific moment that stands out even more. Imagine my surprise when, after breaking into Hugo Strange’s vault and stealing away her prize, I was presented with a choice:
Save Batman… or flee with the reward.
I love it when games offer these kinds of choices; ones where there's an obvious 'right' decision, but they still offer the wrong one. Another example is Far Cry 4, right at the beginning where you are told to explore the mansion, if you remain in your seat, the game ends happily. It's these smaller touches that can make certain games so much more interesting.
Like most of you, first I saved Batman like a dull and boring person, before going back and choosing to leave him. Y'know, for a laugh. I mean he’s Batman, he’ll save himself... right?

8. The Surprise Party - Arkham Asylum

batman arkham asylum party
A stand out moment for me in the original Arkham Asylum was possibly glossed over by the majority of players. Just to recap, you're nearing the end of the game and going to confront the Joker, but before you meet him in his ‘throne room’ you get a surprise...
A party! Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Well it would be if you weren't like me and can't take a few steps without thinking that the whole world is going to turn against you. Rooms like these are nightmares of decisions. Smash or not smash... I made it three steps into the room before deciding that letting their skulls go un-smashed was a kind and merciful thing to do, but ultimately the wrong decision. Then smash went the skulls.
There was something about it that just made the room of party clowns a standout moment. The sarcastic and pained cheering and clapping. The fact that enemies were standing passive and waiting for you. It all spelled a trap, but ultimately it wasn’t. So many innocent skulls were smashed that day in the name of paranoia. They just wanted a party…

7. Finding Bane - Arkham Asylum

batman arkham asylum
Bane is one of Batman’s most interesting villains; a hulking brute made into a monstrous mass of muscle by the venom flooding his body. The one man who broke the Batman.
But despite all that, he is a genius, and one of the smartest characters the Batman faces - so much so that Bane managed to figure out Bruce's identity. The dichotomy of his great strength and great mind are ultimately what makes him so interesting.
Then comes Arkham Asylum. Having saved Gordon from the grasp of Harley Quinn, he and the Batman find a small, misty room. A small cut scene plays and Batman is visibly shocked. You see Bane suspended by wires, his body frail and weak, drained of his power and left to suffer. You almost feel sympathy for him as he hangs there defenceless.
And then Joker triggers the venom to return and Bane is brought back into his full glory and a boss fight that can be quite difficult begins. The mechanics to the brute characters are still new and fighting Bane can be quite the challenge. While everyone talks about Joker and Scarecrow, no one ever mentions how well Bane was introduced and the fight you have with him.
They may re-use the fight later on with re-skinned enemies, but the first time with Bane? Impeccable.

6. The Mad Hatter - Arkham City

Mad Hatter Batman Arkham Origins
Warner Bros.
If you’re like me, you played through Arkham City and didn’t even realise that there were any side-missions, let alone missions that are more interesting than some of the main game. One of which is the Mad Hatter.
Insane characters are Batman’s bread and butter, and the Mad Hatter's section is easily one of the most insane of them all.
One minute, Alfred says they have a cure, and the next Batman is pretending to be the rabbit from Donnie Darko. Sitting at the tea party with the thugs alongside you in the twisted, freaky masks before descending into a swirling vortex, fighting the freakish goons is amazingly trippy. The moment when you are told to struggle and suddenly Batman's face is warped into a twisted rabbit creature with glowing green eyes is weird and unsettling. But delightfully brilliant.
The fact that one of the best designed areas with one of the most trippy set pieces’ is hidden away as side content, is beyond me. Not to mention that the Mad Hatter is just insane.

5.The Ra's Al Ghul Sequence - Arkham City

Ra's Al Ghul Arkham City
One of the more interesting parts of Arkham City for someone not entirely versed in the Batman universe is undoubtedly Ra’s Al Ghul. It is a step away from the gritty, grounded sense of realism the series has. Saying that, there is Scarecrow. And a giant crocodile man. And a giant hulking zombie kept captive by a tiny penguin man. And a man living inside a cryogenic suit.
Maybe not as grounded as I thought.
But even then, the Ra’s Al Ghul sequence delves into the mystic side of the Batman universe drawing on the Lazarus Pits. The entire sequence is mind-blowing. From the trials in a dusty, desert ridden wasteland to a boss fight the jumps back and forth between real-life and fighting a twisted amalgamation of sand in the form of Ra’s, the sequence is brilliant.
Not to mention the fight is surprisingly hard and immensely satisfying when you finally best the head of the league of shadows, the immortal man trying to make Batman break his one rule. But of course, he doesn’t - he just lets Ra’s get impaled at the end of the game.
Classic Batman…

4. Professor Pyg - Arkham Knight

ARKHAM knight professor pyg
Batman has a whole plethora of mad and insane villains: The Joker, Scarecrow, Penguin, Two-Face, yet none of them are quite as unsettling as Professor Pyg. Not only does he not know how to spell farmyard animals, but he is the opera singing surgeon with a proclivity for wearing a pig mask to hide his twisted face. That, and his appearance in Arkham Knight was brilliant.
He is freaky. Mutilating bodies and turning them into his ‘dollotrons’ (humans with mannequin-like faces). He proclaims to make everyone 'all better' by forcing his perverse surgery on them, making them into emotionless, freakish mannequin-men. Not only that, he spends his time singing opera, which adds to his unsettling atmosphere. The faceless mannequins are terrifying in their own way, but Pyg’s demeanour and way of talking is so creepy.
And so begins a boss fight, that in which his dollotrons attack you, unable to be destroyed unless through specific attacks. All the while, Pyg is snorting in the background, singing his opera. The fight is simple, but the villain is so perfectly introduced and played that its hard not to look at him and wonder what went wrong in his life to make him so weird.

3. The Scarecrow Opening - Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight promised to amend the mediocre instalment of Arkham Origins and regardless of your opinion of the prequel, Arkham Knight was a welcome return. And my oh, my did they start the game of with a bang.
From burning the Joker to Gordon’s narration, it all builds to the diner. Playing first-person as a cop in an Arkham game is certainly jarring when compared to the usual Batman antics, and so we were all intrigued. Slowly the scene turns south as you investigate the smoker in the back booth when suddenly, the world goes insane.
The diner is swarmed with fear gas as the world melts away into a fiery haze of insanity, as the customers start brutalising each other. Their skin wrinkled and zombie like, the game becomes a first-person shooter. Helplessly trying to defend yourself, you fire blindly trying desperately to stay alive. Before panning out in a security cam to watch your character get pounded into the ground before you realise that it was all the fear gas.
Scarecrow was back...

2. The Deathstroke Fight - Arkham Origins

Batman Deathstroke Arkham Origins
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Arkham Origins is okay. It’s by no means extraordinary, and it is undoubtedly the weakest in the series, but it’s still the Batman: Arkham formula.
Case in point: Where Mr. Freeze's duel is heralded as one of the best boss-fights in the whole series, people never sing the praises of Deathstroke. A boss fight in my eyes, better than Freeze ever was. The fast-paced fight based on reflex and reaction times, in which Batman faces an equal to his open combat skills. Not to mention the fact that his weapons and attacks change throughout the fight forcing the player to adapt their playstyle.
Not only did the fight live up to his comic book reputation, it was the crowning glory of boss fights in Origins and maybe even the series. He was a true barrier for the rest of the game and was an undeniable challenge. Especially if you try to fight him flawlessly. Just a damn good boss-fight for a damn good character.
Shame they butchered his appearance in Arkham Knight...

1. The Therapy Session - Arkham Origins

Warner Bros. Montreal
After the surprise ending to Arkham City and the death of the Joker, I can't have been the only person disappointed that Warner Bros. didn't stick to their guns and run with the Joker's death, rather than trying to shoehorn him in via a sequel. Then I played Arkham Origins.
While the Joker definitely lost a certain flair with Mark Hamill not reprising his role and Troy Baker taking over, he still had his usual madness and insanity. From the Black Mask reveal to his blowing up buildings, it was hard to hate him - but I still wasn't as thrilled as I perhaps should have been. Up until the Therapy Session.
The Joker and Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the moment where Harley Quinn was born. Honestly, the sequence is just perfect, seeing you play Joker through a psychedelic dreamscape, all the while listening to him profess his newfound obsession and interest in Batman. Led along by Harleen, he develops her fascination, her interest, and as the scene builds you go through the Joker's backstory, from the Red Hood to the vat of acid, all building to those immortal words...
“What a pretty name. Do your friends call you Harley?”
“Oh, I don’t have a lot of friends…”
“Well, Harley, you got one now.”
Simply perfect.

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Battlefield 1 and Gears of War 4 among October's best-selling games

The NPD Group has released its latest report for October 2016, providing an overview of video games sales in the United States. This month's report has crowned Microsoft's Xbox One as the best-selling console over the period, with Battlefield 1, Mafia III and Gears of War 4 topping the games sales chart.

As previously announced last week, the Xbox One took the top spot this month, outselling its competitors for the fourth consecutive month in the United States. Today's report has provided a closer look at hardware sales, showing that Xbox One sales have grown 8% year-over-year, with average pricing for the console falling by 17%. However, overall hardware sales took a 20% blow, now down to to $215.2 million.
The latest report has also given us an overview of last month's top titles, placing Battlefield 1 as the top grossing release for October. Even though Gears of War 4 was a console exclusive and had no digital sales tracked, the shooter managed to make its way to third on the chart.
Here's a closer look at this month's best-selling titles, ordered by dollar sales.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

League Of Legends My Favorite Champions
by Vincent Min Vega

 (submitted 2015-01-08)

Hi! Have you heard or ever played League of Legends? It has been the second most popular online games among Chinese players, the most popular game is WoW. Since I studied in a Chinese University for 4 years, and my school mates all played it and they played it (LoL) well too. Today, I played some mobile strategy games because I'm an Editor now, who have to write strategies without time playing PC games! Then I'm gonna tell you why I love LoL because of some characters.

Firstly, league of legends is a strategy and contest game like Dota2 (I love all kinds of strategy games such as some top free strategy games on smart phone like game of war fire age game), but dota2 is more series while lol is more entertaining, because the latter is more easy to control, you may like mobile video games, so I will give a link below for some really funny ones!

My best Champion is Darius the axe, a very violent and tough role in Noxus, they always call him the hand of Noxus( Name of a country), I'd rather call him decapitater, for his ultimate skill is Noxian Guillotine: Darius leaps to an enemy champion and strikes a devastating blow, dealing true damage. It's quite like a hero maybe called the king of axes in Dota2, huh? Let's take a little look on his background: There is no greater symbol of Noxian might than Darius, the nation's most feared and battle-hardened warrior. Orphaned at a young age, Darius had to fight to keep himself and his younger brother alive. By the time he joined the military, he had already developed the strength and discipline of a veteran soldier. The first true test of Darius' resolve occurred in a crucial battle against Demacia, where the Noxian forces were exhausted and outnumbered. Darius' captain called for his troops to retreat, but Darius refused to accept such an act of cowardice. Breaking formation, Darius strode towards the captain and decapitated him with one sweep of his gigantic axe. Both terrified and inspired, the soldiers followed Darius into battle and fought with incredible strength and fervor. After a long and grueling battle, they ultimately emerged victorious. I put free mobile game download here so you can click and have fun!

My second Champion is Cho'gath the Devourer, let's see its background: There is a place between dimensions, between worlds. To some it is known as the Outside, to others it is the Unknown. To those that truly know, however, it is called the Void. Despite its name, the Void is not an empty place, but rather the home of unspeakable things - horrors not meant for minds of men. Cho'Gath is a creature born of the Void, a thing whose true nature is so awful most will not speak its name. Its fellows have been poking at the walls that divide dimensions for a crack, a way into Runeterra, where they can visit their own personal paradise of horror upon the world. They are called the Voidborn, creatures so ancient and terrible that they have been removed from history altogether. It is rumored that the Voidborn command vast armies of unspeakable creatures on other worlds, that they were once driven from Runeterra by powerful magic lost to antiquity.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Top 4 Mobile Games You Must Play in 2015
by Vincent Min Vega

Happy new year! Everybody! 2014 passed so fast like it was still yesterday, what mobile games have you played last year? I personally think the best mobile game Last year is Game of War Fire Age, I played Company of Heroes with my friends in my College times, I really enjoy mobile strategy games, but now, I will provide Top 5 mobile games you can't miss in 2015. Also, I will offer link for those free mobile game download and funny videos, keep reading please!

Top1 Madden NFL Mobile Game

You may have heard of Need For Speed and Battlefield, they are among the most popular PC games of EA company, however, they are console games. This time, EA' s latest attempt to bring the console sports gaming stalwart to mobile devices, you will build the best possible team of real NFL players, and the action on the field is action-oriented whether you' re playing the game' s Live Events, Season contests or asynchronous Head-to-Head matches. Madden nfl mobile download is offered freely here, why not have a try?

Top2 Dumb Ways to Die 2 Mobile Game

It's €Dumber Ways to Die' this time, If you liked the first release of Dumb Ways to Die, you will surely enjoy this sequel into a whole new set of dumb characters that have mixed together in a new fun and exciting challenges. dumb ways to die 2 game are now released nearly 3 months, but it's still very hot and funny in 2015, if you haven't played yet, I will offer a dumb ways to die 2 free download chance for you.

Top3 Crossy Road Mobile Game

You should be quite familiar with Crossy Road if you are a die-hard fan of app games. I think the graphic of this game is quite like Lego we played in our childhood. There are two different unknown hidden mystery characters that you can unlock in Crossy Road game. The gacha is where you get every character except for these two and the Piggy Bank, and the two secret characters are the only ones whose identity is unknown until you actually unlock them. Read on for tips on how to get the two mystery characters in Crossy Road!

Top mobile games download Here!


The latest is the Monument Valley mobile strategy games getting one-star app store reviews because its developer ustwo dared to charge for new levels.
Monument Valley is a beautiful thing: an architectural puzzle game for iPhone and iPad where you twist and drag bits of geometrically-impossible monuments to guide a princess named Ida through its eerie world.

Monument Valley is the work of ustwo, the London-headquartered digital design studio which does the bulk of its work for brands like Sony, Barclays, Channel 4 and American Express. But this work funds a separate division making its own apps and games.

Monument Valley game would be a paid game rather than a freemium title, although McFarland points to Whale Trail - which started paid before switching to free with in-app purchases - as proof that the company isn't against the business model.