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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Video game developers: New York must nurture industry growth

Six Billionaires Who Made Fortunes From Videogames

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Each year, the videogame industry sees greater growth as games become more ubiquitous in our lives - in our living rooms, mobile phones and virtual reality headsets. The growth of the games industry is also reflected in our annual Billionaires list, which numbers quite a few people deriving their wealth from videogames, either directly by developing blockbuster games or indirectly through providing a platform for them.
Here are six of the most notable videogame billionaires.
Kagemasa Kozuki, $1.1 billion
Kagemasa Kozuki in 2002 (AFP PHOTO/Henny Ray Abrams/Getty Images)
Kagemasa Kozuki, the founder and chairman of Japanese videogame giant Konami, didn't set out to make a fortune in videogames. When he founded Konami in 1969, it was a jukebox repair and rental business. By the late 1970s, though, Kozuki moved his company into the nascent video game industry, manufacturing arcade games. During the 1980s, the company began publishing games for the Nintendo Entertainment system and the business took off - spawning franchises like Castlevania, Contra, Metal Gear and more. The company is still going strong today - its stock is up over 60% compared to this time last year, and its revenues for this fiscal year so far total nearly $1.5 billion as of December 31, 2016.
Kwon Hyuk-Bin, $4.9 billion
In the 15 years since Kown Hyuk-Bin founded Smilegate, the company has grown into one of South Korea's biggest game companies. Smilegate's best-known success is CrossFire which is the most popular first-person shooter in the world, and still going strong nearly a decade after its release. The company's 2016 sales came in at $572 million - over 10% higher than 2015.
Forbes Staff
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William Ding, $17.3 billion
The founder of China's internet-giant Netease was also the country's first gaming billionaire. In addition to publishing homegrown Chinese gaming titles, the company also partners with Activision Blizzard to operate games like World of Warcraft and Hearthstone in China. They're also the exclusive licensee of Minecraft in China. Business is booming, as you can see by Ding's net worth alone - he's gained over $2 billion since Forbes published its list of the richest people in China in October 2016.
Gabe Newell, $4.1 billion
Gabe Newell (right) in 2014. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Gabe Newell heads up Valve Corporation, the creator of some of the most iconic franchises in recent American gaming history, including Half-Life, Portal, and Left for Dead. It's also one of the biggest distributors of PC games, thanks to its Steam platform. The company is also at the forefront of several areas of gaming, for example, in Virtual Reality thanks to its partnership with HTC in creating the Vive, a VR headset.
Kim Taek-Jin, $1.2 billion
Kim Taek-Jin is the founder and CEO of NCSOFT, one of South Korea's largest game publishers. The company's primary focus is developing multiplayer online role-playing games like Guild Wars and Blade & Soul. NCSOFT provides its online gaming services to players in over 60 countries. Thanks in part to expansion into mobile titles, the company saw about $880 million in revenue in 2016, its highest reported revenue to date.
Bill Gates, $86.2 billion
The world's richest person derives about 13% of his total wealth from Microsoft, the software giant he cofounded in 1975. Although the company made its name making operating systems and business software, it's also one of the largest video game companies in the world thanks to the Xbox. In its last financial quarter, the company earned over $3 billion in revenues in gaming, about 14% of its total revenue.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Geek News - Video Game Movie Adaptations


Tuesday, March 14th


It's the age old there a good movie adaptation of a video game?


We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. I've now got it right I hope I made two grown men engaging in childlike excitement over things that. You exist. Here is Keith news on many admit. Miss you guys a question go have you ever seen a movie. Based on a video game that gel like. Anyone out there listening I was gonna say wait I ON text in 97107. Have you seen a movie based on a video game that you like if you say Mario Brothers is almost slapped the blanket while silent hill. Really yeah a lot to be honest I'll be honest I haven't seen silent hill but I have a buddy who. No wait wait I have a buddy who's like horror movie fanatic like myself and he told me that style and I was pretty good. I will confound those silent hill as the video game there's. Plays and movies you might. Now over Clinton friend did and a friend like he's straight out. Like he's on this easily stolen from me twice before taxes I mean Al silent now. So Allan hills what's up. Only one I'll say I liked the first moral conduct. WorldCom that was pretty skeptic this conversation street fighter terrible. Favorite game grown up. Terrible movie. Most 99 out of a hundred video games turn into movies. Are terrible and demonstrate our share was played Guile awful rolled Juliet the great rolled Julius last roll. On planner before he died was playing and bison terrible way to go have they made a frog area. Was awesome. Because I'm in Denver it would Donkey Kong amid all pick so we took the rest of all the video game ideas last year and destroy it. Now out 2997. Its is to greater I didn't like I was Daryl Brock to senator seeing Angelina Jolie to rebooting to greater. There yeah yeah and it's going to be that odd girl who won the Academy Award for the eighty remain movie. Who was also a loss from an X market now highly underrated side and that's Mubix modeling was awesome movies marine police of candor is playing. Well our crop now. Okay well our Resident Evil OK okay let's pick up the guys out there in the video game it was well guess what if you are fanned. Late eighties and early ninety's video games than your wish is now. Yes to the rocks command. As Jack Quaid and met Gerald. Have closed deals to join the cast. All of the classic arcade game rampages cinematic adaptation alongside Dwayne the rock John Breaux remembered. Rampage was it was like a four player game like that console set up like gauntlet. Health needs food badly and there's four joystick and you can play as it may mean there are three and you can either play as like. The guerrilla Maliki I'm tall buildings and you climbed the building nuclear race to smash the Billings and monsters. I was out that's gonna be a video game and that he somebody was paid seven figures to turn to video game about three teenagers being boarded an arcade. Using giant gorillas and lizards and dinosaurs to smash through buildings. And they they're children will never have to work now because of that equipment everything. It really in quit everything is rampant PH is going to be in movie and I just like it noted for those you and the rock is it because he's everything. His radio and you can't see nick was us had to quote unquote joystick in his hand or simulating up and down like this with two jurisdictions have series basically going like this with two hands and eyes which we had the politics are put on FaceBook in things I actually would pay money to watch is there. About this cartoon fans yeah. Looney tunes and Hanna Barbera. Are getting their own streaming service. Now I for one can watched. And that's why why did not Jerry. And umpteen other looney tunes classics a million times over it like that here that hair raising one or whatever it is for the giant. Orange or shoot creature to after Bugs Bunny and hundreds are running yet and why totally about the hair washing wanted to alien Mars when Marvin ours ours and that. Uranium cute surging now in space marginal rates are at that that the that the so good they're also good raising a cable there's a channel that plays a lot of looney tunes and classic Hannah Barbera cartoons call it and boomerang. Now it's not loony to. Mutants to step that you have is you don't know that we would easily on the need to. Obviously at the top of every hour instead of a song from Chris Rock with a bunch of beeps then I'd much rather listen to five minutes of I said I said son I'd rather it was a fun normally aren't for fun. Wells now he can pay five dollars a month yeah. And you can get. Access to over 5000 titles from Bugs Bunny Scooby Doo Tom and Gerri the Jetsons. Meet Georgia then Jane his really hot fake wife while the Flintstones Scooby Doo so much more that's going to be awesome the boomerang app you'll be able to use that. On the fires that the apple TV and a bunch of other devices street still is hacks to get free content because he's part of that generation let's get to Charlize thereon outs and guys. If everyone's home out there you snow Dade. Your way through being a mom or dad and stuck at home bring Maggie in nick bring you the only six minutes you'll need tonight. It that last period left in the driveway after you finish shoveling a cashier one's asleep. Crank the speakers. And I want you to go to YouTube. And I want your first watch the new Wonder Woman trailer. And a warmup with a wonderful yes it's like appetizer yes hot (%expletive) out of it though is chests stunningly gorgeous and it's actually really good trailer if you wanna superhero movie. It's got bad ass action and beautiful women performing amazing stunts. That'll get to started and then. You watch the atomic belonged trailer with Charlize there and which opens with a 75 seconds. Zero camera edit. Kick ass fight sequence with her two dudes in an old apartment building in my guy. My god Boehner closeup fighting. No cuts hardcore. Unbelievable. So hot in the and the trailer just goes on and gets more exciting at one point she's like making out another chicken and Galatasaray three minutes there's a violence swearing. Lady on lady activity. Great music literally everything you need guys after the day you put it in ladies too yeah you dig if you dig a little bit of the kick ass coming soon. To a movie screen Molly megaplex near you this is what's it's female empowerment thing tat I'm Brad Wright chief of the buyout arm around she's kept him from bought and taken names miss Charlie Brown.
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The Dark Knight Rises: The Five Best Batman Video Games


The Dark Knight Rises: The Five Best Batman Video Games

  • -   

Batman 2
The Arkham series is one of the best you’ll find in Batman’s video game history, especially with the way everything wrapped up with Batman: Arkham Knight a little while back. Still, if there’s one game that perfectly captures everything that the saga was about, it’s the 2011 release Arkham City. Here, the rules changed quite a bit for both Bruce Wayne and Batman, as he fought his way through a city transformed into a prison, trying to bring down Hugo Strange and the Joker by any means necessary. The quality of this game is unrivaled, even years after its release, and it’s still incredibly fun to play. If you prefer to get the best version available, be sure to check out Batman: Return To Arkham – you’ll be quite pleased with what you play.

Batman: A Telltale Series (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)

Batman 2
Finally, we come to Telltale’s entry in the Dark Knight saga, and it’s pretty uncommon, as it prefers to take more of a storytelling approach from both sides of the playing field – through Batman and Bruce Wayne – instead of action. But that’s Telltale’s forte, based upon its library of impressive titles, so we’re more than ready for it.
Batman: A Telltale Series is nothing short of superb, with its old-school comic book design, its quality voice acting (even without the likes of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill), and its wonderfully scripted events, including a few curveballs that die-hard fans may not be expecting. Even though the combat segments are quick-time event based, no matter – they work well, too. If you want a deeper Batman experience for your money (and without killing your wallet), this is one story you don’t want to miss

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9 Video Game Trends for the Future


The video gaming industry has come a long way since the early days of the Atari 2600 and its limited graphics and gameplay. As more people become interested in playing all different types of video games, the industry continues to develop new technologies and new ways to entertain gamers.

Here are nine trends that could be coming soon to the video game industry.
1. Virtual Reality Experiences
Virtual reality has been in development for many years for the gaming industry. While some primitive virtual reality experiences have had limited releases over the past decade, insiders expect to see the virtual reality experience brought to gamers’ living rooms in the near future. Instead of playing on a controller, the virtual reality game offers users a headset and completely immerses them into the virtual world of the game.
2. Incorporating the Physical World
Another big trend that is poised to make a huge impact on the video game industry is something called augmented reality. This concept allows players to use the real world in combination with the game’s virtual world during gameplay. It has already been successfully implemented in the recent title, Pok√©mon Go. In the future, more video games may take advantage of this unique way to interact with the gaming universe and get more people out in the world exploring different places.
3. Even More App Development
With the popularity of tablets and mobile smartphones, app development is another component of the video game industry that is ready to be even more influential. Some industry experts believe the future of video gaming lies in smartphone app development rather than new console marketing. The quick development timeline for apps is ideal for an audience who is always seeking something better or more revolutionary right away instead of a few years from now.
4. Educational Video Games
The educational video game market is another place that could benefit from the industry and its technology. As the movement for a better school system continues to make political waves, educational settings that take place online may become more commonplace. With this new trend, more types of educational software and gaming titles focused on teaching skills could soon be introduced more regularly.
5. Groundbreaking Graphics
Graphics have come a long way since the days of pixelated characters bouncing around on players’ screens. Video game budgets have expanded allowing gaming companies to use powerful graphic processes, like performance capture technology, to bring virtual characters to life. Characters that look straight out of real life or from a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster are going to be more commonplace on video game screens in the near future.
6. Personalized Video Game Content
Another key to success in the future gaming industry is personalized content. High-tech video game consoles in the future will be able to know a large amount of information about you and use that information to customize your content. Video games like this may rely on your past likes and dislikes, time devoted to certain games, and other demographic details. This way, players can get a special and unique experience every time they turn on their console.
7. Social Video Games
Social media is another spot where video games will potentially expand their reach even more. More companies plan to start using social media platforms to engage with players and potential customers. Bobby Kotick, an industry expert at Activision, uses Facebook and other social media accounts to get players excited about gaming and more. The influential marketing power of this part of the internet can make a huge impact on a company.
8. Streaming Games
The video game buying process may also change dramatically in the future with the surge in popularity of streaming services for entertainment. Since the video rental business has plummeted, the act of physically renting video games has become less common. Instead, users can now rent titles on-demand and stream video games directly to their console or smartphone. It may become more popular to stream the top video games instead of buying them directly. Users can instantly get access to the top games and not have to wait for a shipment or go to a physical store.
9. Gaming on the Cloud
The amount of data required for the best and most advanced video games is increasing, requiring many types of consoles to enhance their data storage capacities. There may be a gap in technology at some point when the consoles can’t keep up with the data demands for the top games. One solution to this problem is to incorporate the use of the cloud in games instead of titles loaded onto a disc and one specific console unit. This way, you could get more from your gaming experience and not have to worry about storage limits and problems with memory.
The evolution of the video game industry continues to see dramatic uses of technology and marketing techniques to bring more advanced games to the population. As technology changes, you may see a totally new experience for the average video game user

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mozilla is bringing modern video games to your browser


Modern 3D video games require a ton of processing power to look good and respond to player input quickly. That's why most of the web-based games you see today are at best stripped down versions of their PC or console counterparts. The team behind the Firefox web browser would like to see that change, however. Mozilla released a version of the browser that includes WebAssembly - a new technology that enables high-resource apps like games, computer-aided design, video and image editing and scientific visualization to run in a browser almost as fast as they do on your local computer. It will also speed up existing web apps that use JavaScript.
With WebAssembly, developers will be able to code a game or app and know it will run in the same way on any supported browser, regardless of platform. Consumers get the convenience of using a web browser to run any WebAssembly-enabled game or app, regardless of platform or operating system.
WebAssembly is a low-level programming language that allows other, higher-level computer languages like C or C++ to run in a web browser. WebAssembly apps are parsed and compiled before they even hit your browser, which means that much of the heavy lifting has already been done. By comparison, a javascript app often pulls a bunch of code into the browser, then figures out how best to run it on your system, slowing the whole process down. Google and Microsoft's browsers will support WebAssembly, though Firefox is the first browser to include the technology, thanks to Mozilla's lead role in the research.

As WebAssembly matures, the Mozilla team hopes to bring it to mobile, as well. Imagine playing the modern version of Doom or running a CAD app on your Mac or PC, then loading it up onto your smartphone as you head out on your morning commute. All of this without plugins or the need to sacrifice speed for the convenience of the web.
The Firefox beta, available today for Mac, PC and Linux, also includes improvements to Wi-Fi portal detection and better warnings for insecure logins.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review: Logitech G533 Headset

Pricey, but wonderful
Logitech's Artemis Spectrum is oft-heralded as one of the best gaming headsets you can buy, but the company has taken another stab at audio hardware with the G533 Wireless headset. Like its forefather, it's expensive, but if you're willing to shell out your hard-earned cash money, you'll be very happy with these puppies.
I promise I won't talk like a used-car salesman for the rest of this review.
Product: Logitech G533  Headset
Manufacturer: Logitech
Input: USB 2.0
MSRP: $149.99

Logitech has been veering away from over-produced, Bionicle-lookin' PC hardware lately, and that's a trend I can get behind. The G433 has a simple matte black finish, highlighted by a few glossy sections on the cups and the Logitech emblem on top. If you don't care about looking like a regular-ass human when playing video games, at least know that due to this simpler design, it's also very comfortable. Holding it in my hands, the G533 seemed heavy, but the way the weight is distributed makes it comfortable for extended play sessions. The mesh on the cups is also removable and washable, so feel free to leave your ears all nasty and instead clean the headset (please don't do this).
Behind the left cup is a volume rocker, programmable button, and an on/off switch. It took some time to become familiar with where the volume rocker was, but after a day or so I adjusted. The front side has an extendable boom mic that can be muted by lifting it up and making it flush with the headphones. A small pop filter on the tip of the mic helps to mitigate plosives, and I found it to be more effective than I anticipated. While the mic is on the quieter side, those that I played with said it picked up very clearly and the filter helped facilitate a clean, consistent tone.
New driver technology has lead to a warmer, more even sound that I appreciated in both movies and games alike. Using a supplied program called Peakmeter, I began looking for music and games that actually used a 7.1 channel and realized how much of what we hear is only in two channels. Games like Battlefield 1 (which was also supplied for the purpose of this review) take full advantage and become ridiculously immersive when you can hear a sniper rustling through grass by your side.

The always-pleasant Logitech Gaming Software made customizing the sounds I wanted easy: I was able to switch that programmable button to basically anything imaginable, switch between preset equalizations like FPS and MOBA, and play around with the 7.1 settings. In a nice touch, all channels go up to a maximum of 11 for volume. I hope you understand the reference.
Of course, no one headset is for everyone. If you're thinking this all sounds good and you'd like to take it with you on the subway or on a walk, you're out of luck. Though the headset is wireless, it requires a USB 2.0 slot, so this is pretty much exclusively for the PC. The wireless connection is great for the house, with a 30-foot range and 16-hour battery, but that's the only place you'll be using it.
The price is a little hard to swallow as well. The G633 Artemis Spectrum is only $99 right now, and it has 7.1 support, an actual audio jack for portability, and more programmable buttons if that's what you're into. So it's a tradeoff: this new one with a better mic, better sound, and less of a Gundam look for $50 more, or portability and more buttons with the Artemis Spectrum. Depending on your preferences, it might be smart to save the money.
If you can afford the G533s though, you'll have a comfortable, reliable, swell-sounding headset on your hands. I've had these suckers on my head for tens of hours at this point, and they've never once performed less-than-admirably

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